Haybale Fire Assisting Avondale
By Junior Firefighter Jacob Labonte
August 6, 2017

On Sunday 8/6/17, Station 36 was dispatch to assist station 23 (avondale) on a haybale fire. Tanker 36 went enroute as the dispatch went out followed shortly by brush 36. Tanker 36 was the first arriving fire apparatus and started setting up their port-a-tank for water supply, then shuttled water. Engine 36 arrived and assisted in establishing water supply for Eng 23-2. Brush 36 set up on the southwest corner of the fire monitoring the exposures. The engine along with the utility and atv returned as Command 23 was scaling back the incident. The tanker was onscene for over 4 hours before clearing. Photos courtesy of Avondale Fire Company

Units: TKR36 BRU36 ENG36 UTL36 ATV36