House Fire In Caln Township
By Firefighter/EMT Amanda Murphy
June 27, 2019

A fire broke out just after 11 p.m., Wednesday evening at Hazelwood Avenue and Embreeville Road in Caln Township.

Tanker 36 was due for the Tanker Task Force to assist. Utility 36 attached with a crew of two to assist with manpower. Both crews from the Tanker and Utility arrived on scene and with no need for the Tanker having a water supply already established, the crew immediately reported to manpower. The crew threw a 35’ ladder from Tower 47 (Lionville) on the Alpha side for roof access.

Fire Chief Jason Griffith with Firefighters Jordan Marzolf and Joey Tuel went to Division 2 for overhaul. They pulled down two walls- both double drywall and lath walls. Firefighter Brandon Cole was assigned to the roof with the crew from Engine 37 (Modena). There he began to cut holes in the roof for ventilation.

Crew 36 spent about 3 hours on scene. After completing their tasks and helping the other crews control the fire, they reported to rehab and cleared the units from the scene.

It was messy and tough work but the crew was grateful for the experience and opportunity to test their skills from training while working alongside fellow firefighters. But most importantly, they were grateful to help protect life and property.

Utility Crew: Firefighter Jordan Marzolf, Firefighter Brandon Cole
Tanker Crew: Fire Chief Jason Griffith, Firefighter Joey Tuel

Photos Compliments of Irisheyez Photography and Nozzlenut Photography.