Car Fire Training
By Firefighter Joshua May
June 7, 2021

On Monday evening, June 7th, 2021, 18 members of the Po-Mar-Lin Fire Company went to the Chester County Public Safety Training Campus to practice their skills on vehicle fires. A steel car prop was lit on fire and controlled with propane to give the members a realistic training scenario.
2 man crews were tasked with deploying a hand-line and advancing towards the vehicle while suppressing and extinguishing the fire.
Car fires are a very prevalent issue within the fire service, and there is no such thing as a repeat car fire. Every call is unique and possibly very dangerous. Crew safety, among other things like the preservation of life and property, is a top priority. The firefighters' training has taught them to attack the fire from the safest angles and not risk injury should something go wrong.
Training like this goes a long way to keep the member's skills properly rehearsed to deal with these calls and refresh their knowledge.
Special thanks to Longwood Fire Company for providing a medical standby for our members.