July Live Burn Training
By Firefighter Joshua May
July 26, 2021

On tonights Monday training, Po-Mar-Lin crews conducted multiple live burns at the Chester County Public Safety Training Campus. Our main focus this training was to work on unit cohesion, hose-line management and movements, and techniques on extinguishing fire. Teams of 4 went inside a burn building that replicates seven town homes; multiple fires were lit simultaneously on the first floor and somewhere in the basement. Crews were tasked with moving swiftly into the structure, locating the fires, extinguishing the flames, and hydraulically venting with the hose. While interior members were making attacks against fires inside the building, our junior members were helping secure water supplies, refilling empty SCBA cylinders, and rolling/packing hose-lines. After 2 hours of Po-Mar-Lin crews being in and out of the burn building, we are confident in our members ability to fight and defend our community from the dangers of fire. A special thanks to Longwood Fire Company for local standby and for your EMT who regularly checked on all members and ensured nobody was in danger. Po-Mar-Lin is also grateful for the Chester County Public Safety Training Campus and their instructors who made it possible for Station 36 to train the whole time.

Helmet Cam footage from Firefighter Joshua May
A huge thanks from all members to Hailey Knecht for being the photographer for the training night.

Units: Engine 36, Rescue 36, Utility 36, and Squad 36
Attachment Murph May Labonte Push.mp4  (98,789k)
Attachment Stitz, Son, May Push.mp4  (87,913k)