Carriage House Fire Spreads to Residential House
By Firefighter Joshua May
April 18, 2022

On Easter, Po-Mar-Lin Fire Company was dispatched to assist Longwood Fire Company for a Carriage House on fire. 15 members responded in the Engine, Rescue, tanker, utility, and squad to the scene of the fire.
The flames from the garage fire were so extreme that it caught the residential house on fire as well.
The engine operator and two members were positioned at a fill site for tankers to refill while members from both the engine and rescue went to the 2nd and 3rd floor of the house to find hotspots and overhaul the rooms.
All units were cleared shortly after 7 P.M. and a special thanks to Modena Fire Company for covering our local while we were busy.

Units: Engine 36, Rescue 36, Tanker 36, Utility 36, Squad 36
Mutual Aid: Longwood Fire Company, Kennett Fire Company, West Grove Fire Company, Avondale Fire Company, Cochranville Fire Company, First West Chester Fire Company, Goodwill of West Chester Fire Company, Hockessin Fire Company, Cranston Heights Fire Company